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Mealworms are the larvae of the tenebrio molitar beetle. Their diet is vegetarian which means that they are safe to feed to animals and birds without passing on the potentially fatal diseases present in meat fed larvae such as maggots.

mealworms consist of 48% crude protein and 40% fat.

Mealworms are a clean, odourless and relatively inexpensive livefood, rich in protein and easy to store. Regular mealworms are popular as livefood for many species of cage birds and garden birds. Mini mealworms are fed to smaller species of cage birds and baby birds. Giant mealworms are fed to larger birds and reptiles. The movement of mealworms has the effect of bringing lizards to the feeder and stimulates feeding. As a fishing bait mealworms can be used to catch course fish and are particularly popular for fishing Trout. mealworms may also be fed to small carnivorous mammals.

Mealworms should be stored in a cool, dark, well-ventilated space. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 5 C will kill mealworms, but if they are stored at the ideal temperature of 8 - 10 C in adequate food (bran or Progrub) they can keep for several months. Mini mealworms are young mealworms. They will inevitably grow as they are fed, eventually to the size of regular mealworms.

The rate of growth depends on temperature. At 8 C, the rate of growth is almost unnoticeable - it would take many weeks for the worms to grow.

At 22 C the Mini mealworms will grow to full size in probably as little as three weeks. If stored at above 22 C mealworms will do what comes naturally and pupate very quickly. Up to 500g of mealworms can be stored in our own storage box, which has a mesh bottom to provide ventilation and a reversible lid to capture waste (which makes great organic fertilizer).

Over 500g of mealworms can be stored in an open plastic container such as cat litter tray. A lid is unnecessary provided that the sides of the container are clean and it is stored where it won't be knocked over, preferably on a cool, concrete floor. mealworms fed on Progrub are likely to be more nutritious and will be gut loaded with calcium. It is not necessary to feed carrot, potato peelings, apple etc to full sized or Giant mealworms. However, this vegetable nutrition should be provided to Mini mealworms for moisture. Over-feeding should be avoided as this encourages mites.

Bulk mealworms must be unpacked on arrival. The shipping container can be placed in a refrigerator for an hour or two in warm weather before unpacking to slow the mealworms down. To prevent escape, open the bag or box outdoors and tip the contents into a large plastic bucket or dustbin. Shake the mealworms off the crumpled newspaper taking care to hold the paper below the rim of the bucket. The mealworms are then ready to be transferred to their storage container.

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The mealworms are taken straight from the fattening rooms where they are then prepare for sale to ensure maximum freshness. Only a breeder has such total control over product and is thus able to guarantee both quality and freshness.

Mealworms are available in clear plastic tubs for easy feeding and storage or you can buy mealworms in bulk sacks which is more economical

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